Friday, June 13, 2014

Bumpy Road

 I'm not sure what I did to my knee, but it has swollen to twice its normal size and hurts like the dickens, however that's supposed to hurt.  Thank goodness for frozen peas! 
  And while I waited for my knee to calm down, I tried that new hem I've learned--knitting the hem, then picking up the cast on stitches and knitting them together with the row on top of the hem--on the second try of the Scandinavian sweater I posted about last time.  It seems there were not enough stitches in the printed pattern to accommodate the flower motifs, and I had to Frog the whole two inches I'd already knitted.  While I was at it, I decided to make the hem a little fancier by faggoting the edge.  I love it!
 When I finished the hem, I started on the pattern rows, only to find out I'd counted the little, tiny squares wrong, and am in the process of ripping out the first row.  It seemed like a good time to blog.  This time I know there are enough stitches, because I'm deviating from the printed pattern, counting my own stitches required, and thinking about how I can vary the part above the flowers on the border. 

And may I beg your indulgence while I brag about my son?  He has just moved back to Nashville to run Chef Jonathan Waxman's new restaurant, Adele.  They've just opened this week, and I haven't been able to visit him yet because he's so busy.  But I will be in Nashville the moment he has a free day.  I'm so proud!


LA said...

Congratulations to your sweet little boy!!! So.....when does a "frog" become a "toad"????

Tina J said...

I've done a bit of frogging this week too! I know you are so proud of your son, I hope you get to see him soon!