Friday, June 20, 2014

East Tennessee Yarn Crawl 2014

Well, folks, this year's yarn crawl is in the books.  I finished this afternoon, after work.  I now know why they call it a crawl.  I feel like crawling to bed!  I spent one entire day last week, visiting yarn stores, and this week, I spent most of Tuesday, all of Wednesday, yesterday afternoon, into the evening, and a couple of hours today.
  But I did it!  I visited 12 yarn stores, all over this half of the state.  I tried to buy something in each store, but today, funds ran out right when enthusiasm did.  I was really excited that my last yarn store, the shop of the Crawl's organizer, had bags left.  We didn't get bags because everyone had run out, but at Yarn Haven, they had collected all the bags from the stores who didn't give them away.  I begged for one for LouAnn, my intrepid Yarn Crawl sidekick, too.
  I've got some lovely treasures, things that will probably make it into hand made gifts for Christmas, and for now, yummy things to look at and cuddle with a little.
  It was fun, especially the parts spent with friends.  I will probably never do an entire yarn crawl again, but I can always say, "I finished the 2014 East TN Yarn Crawl."

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LA said...

Thank you for getting the bag for me....although I didn't make it to all the stores! I'm so proud of you for getting them ALL done! This really makes me appreciate that we have great yarn stores nearby!