Friday, June 27, 2014

Summer Love

This is what greeted me as I drove in the garage this afternoon.  It's 8 inches in diameter, and has lots more friends about to join it.  This perennial Hibiscus had a pink buddy who didn't make it past early spring's frost, but this white one is doing very well.  There are at least 5 buds on each branch, ensuring blooms for many more weeks to come.

Last night, I read the most recent issue of Organic Gardening Magazine, which repeatedly featured bees in  most of the articles, mostly bemoaning the decline in their numbers.  I know that's true, because when I worked on the farm, we lost 7 hives one winter, and regularly lost several a year.  But this afternoon, the Vitex and the Echinacea are swarming with bees of all sizes and shapes.  

 All three Rose of Sharons are in full bloom.  I have the hedge rescue one that's blue, a pink single flower and a double blue, that has weird fringed inside sepals, rather than actual double petals.

And the tomatoes couldn't wait until the Fourth of July, tomatoes' normal ripeness date here in east TN.  I harvested these beauties on my way in the door, and two will be a tomato sandwich on fresh sourdough bread.  Two will go to my neighbors, who are also getting some okra and basil.  I'll keep giving away that okra until it's all gone!  It sure is pretty to grow, though.

 This weekend's dessert is a pecan turtle brownie, and I sure wish I'd messed one up.  I didn't, though, so I didn't get to try one, only admire them.

Leo spent a lot of yesterday wandering outside, and he needed a nap.  Yarn makes a good pillow, apparently.

Summer is mild so far, with enough rain to keep me happy, nothing over 100 yet, and everything is growing, blooming and lovely.  I love summer!

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Roxie said...

What a delicious early summer you are having! We won't have tomatoes till late July.