Saturday, February 2, 2019


Have I mentioned that I no longer bake for a living?  Nor do I cook! And what a pleasure it is!  I schedule airplane charters for people who can afford that sort of thing, and I get to knit in between busy spells. I've already shown you the socks and the two purple sweaters I knitted while working at the front desk, but this current sweater has been knit while I've worked in Charter.  I just measured the fronts, that are being knitted simultaneously, and they only lack 3 inches before I bind off for the armholes.  First, Huck wanted to be in the picture, but Purl couldn't let her have the sweater to herself.  Anyway, quick sweater, fun to knit, perfect t.v. watching knitting.  I like it.  The Boyfriend Sweater by Shirley Paden, from Interweave Knits Spring 2014. 
 The other thing I have been thinking a lot about is landscaping.  This is the front of my sister's house, that I rent from her.  She has told me to plant what I want, as long as I sketch it out first.  It is what they call a Blank Canvas, wouldn't you agree?  There used to be large trees in the front yard but they, like all trees in the south, wanted to fall down, so she beat them to the punch and had them all cut down.  Now, I am planning and sketching and dreaming and trying to decide where to start.  I'd really like those boxwoods to go away...

And last night, I started cutting out 
dresses from fabric I bought in the fall.  This is a flannel twill cotton that is dreamy-soft.  I'm making another version of Grain Line Design's Alder dress.  This one will have long sleeves.
The other is cherry-red fine wale corduroy.  It'll be Merchant & Mills Hattie dress, or sort of a combo of Hattie and Ellis, two patterns that come together in the envelope.  One has a lower waistline that I like, and the other has sleeves and pockets, though the pockets are too big.  I made a smaller pocket pattern.   Both will be warm and cozy, so I need to get going before it's spring.  Then, there's lots of linen!

One more thing to work on: try to figure out why my dog needs to bring a new stuffed animal to each meal.  I hadn't noticed until this morning that they were beginning to become a crowd!
Okay, time to get back to work!


Karen Tenney said...

what fun to landscape. Would a small tree be possible....perhaps a dogwood? And then a lovely border garden of perennials in front of the house.

LA said...

Knowing you, there will be some roses planted this spring!!!! Love all the sewing!