Monday, April 19, 2010


Ahhhh... The backyard is mowed!  I finally had to hire someone to do it, since my lawnmower was really two weeks in getting fixed, and when it came back, the chute that keeps the grass from blowing directly up your nose came flying off after one stripe of grass was cut.  Now, if I could only find the flower beds under that grass...

The greens finally showed up, too, and in my enthusiasm, I told the gardener, oh, no!  Two bushels aren't enough!  Bring me two more!  And he did!  And it turned out to be quite a lot.  I cut greens for four hours the first day, four hours the next day, and then chopped the peppers and onions that went with them.
 It looked like a lot, but once I put it in the kettle, it cooked down a lot.  No, really:  A LOT!!!
And it only made 28 24 ounce jars.
But they were beautiful.  I really intended to make them into Chow Chow, but I like the name Pickled Greens better, because, really, that's what they are, and I didn't have any other vegetables to go with them to make them into a proper Chow Chow.
As for anything fiberlicious, I have been put on hold by threads I misthreaded in my turned overshot warp.  Tabby in this case is 5-6, but in the very center of the warp, I threaded 4-5 three times.  I pondered and wondered and tried to figure out how to fix it, but only came up with buying replacement heddles.  Have I ever waxed poetic about Halcyon Yarn?  I love those guys!  I ordered the two different kinds they have, and the heddles showed up two days later.  From Maine!  Unfortunately, I didn't measure my heddles, and ordered 10 1/2 inch heddles, when I really needed the next size up.  They'll fit on my bare naked Artisat, but not on the Colonial.  So, here she sits, waiting for me to get the 
right size replacement heddles.
  Next, the Artisat will get the warp for the Clinch Valley project as soon as my S.O.S. email is answered to my fellow afghanians, asking for the dimensions of the afghan squares (rectangles, really).  
  And then, there are four pairs of socks, waiting for me to learn to turn a heel going toe up...  Stay tuned!


LA said...

The greens look beautiful in the jar...did you get to taste your creation? It looks yummy!

Tina said...

Toe up socks rock! I don't however like the short row heel. There is another one I like better, you actually increase for the "gusset", and then decrease making a slanted "seam" up the back. Way cool and it fits well too. I will try to remember to track that down and bring it tomorrow.

Valerie said...

The greens look yummy.

Do you know that you can make your own repair heddles out of carpet warp?

Instructions are here:

They are cheap and you don't have to wait for the mail carrier to bring them.

Maggie said...

Yes, Valerie, I do know how to make them, but they always seem to be a bit sticky, and I'm worried about this already sticky warp sticking in handmade heddles!

Tina, yes, please show me the other way to do the heel!