Saturday, April 3, 2010


Yesterday afternoon, as we jetted to Artisan Hour, I snapped this view of Singing Brook and up to the Foothills Parkway.  The maples have tiny red flowers on them, and they make the trees glow, all the way up the mountain.  The forsythia is absurdly yellow, in clumps that are sometimes trimmed and sometimes just unruly.
The dogwoods were glowing faintly pink in the late afternoon sunlight, hard to see in this quickly taken picture, but you get the idea.
  I had a vacation scheduled for the 13th through the 22nd, and had plans to produce chow chow and blackberry jam until then, but the fates and coworkers conspired against those plans.  Purchase orders were in people's inboxes who weren't in, and the gardeners forgot their promise to bring me greens.  No jars, no fruit, no veggies and lots of time on my hands, so I called my boss, changed the dates, shortened the vacation and am in the first few hours of idleness.
  Idleness for me is a difficult concept, so I was up at 4, feeding the pets and working on the turned overshot project.  I'm threading the plain weave section, shafts 5 and 6, over and over.  I thread an inch--24 ends--at a time, get up and walk around, tidy, start bread, write a blog entry, and then go back.  I'd like to have it threaded by this afternoon, invite Mom over for Mexican food and have her help me wind it on.
  I will also be tackling the wreck I affectionately call my yards, front and back.  The lawn mower is still at the repair place, but I think I can make some headway with the weed whacker and a pitch fork, not to mention the hedge clippers.
  A spring picnic tomorrow in the mountains, lots of piano practicing, cleaning windows, preparing flower beds:  It's going to be a lovely but too short five days.
I just had to add this photo of this morning's sunrise.  It's just my cell phone camera, and doesn't do the colors justice.  If it's true that "red sky at morning, sailors take warning, " we're in trouble, but it's gorgeous, nonetheless.

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LA said...

It would seem that the Fates have conspired to give you time for your projects......go with the flow!