Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Oranges, and other colors

Yesterday was orange marmalade day.  I have struggled mightily in efforts to make a decent marmalade.  I have read every possible recipe, in books and on line.  I should say that I have struggled because, like all the products I make, I don't add pectins.  Pectin is the chemical that naturally occurs in many fruits, to a differing degree depending on the fruit.  Most "organic" or "natural" pectins are made with citrus pulp, but that hasn't helped with my previous methods of making marmalade.
   I've recounted my success with the lemon marmalade in a previous post, but I wasn't sure it would work with oranges.  Yesterday, with some fear and trepidation, I started a batch.  I should have used fewer oranges, but the produce company I buy from doesn't like me to buy less than a case.  This batch has been in its first boil and is waiting in the fridge for me to come back to work Thursday for its second boiling.  Friday, fingers crossed, it will be lovely, set up marmalade.
  In other news, the Southeast Fiber Forum 2011 forges ahead.  We have eight teachers confirmed, and two more on the line.  Contracts go out to them this afternoon, after our meeting at the center.  Next, we work on getting the word out, and getting more vendors lined up.  Advertising efforts are next, along with getting participants for the fashion show.  I jumped into this feet first, without having the slightest idea what I was getting into.  It's challenging and fun and a little exhausting, already, and the thing is still a year away, but I feel a huge clock ticking somewhere in the universe, warning me how fast the last tick will get here!
  My sister in law has ordered an 8-shaft Baby Wolf, so it's confirmed:  we have a new weaver out there in the world!  She's taken her first class, and loved it.  When she posts her photos, I'll ask her if I can post them here.  She teaches Fair Isle knitting in Phoenix, so I know she's going to love overshot, and any other patterns that use a lot of color.
  Off to Tuesday Weaving!  Have a beautiful, if somewhat soggy day!


Tina said...

I can just smell those oranges!

Theresa said...

Oh man, Orange marmalade is a favorite here and I can only imagine the job it is making it. The house must smell like walking through a citrus grove, only better!
Congrats on bringing a new weaver into the fold, or the dark side as my husband likes to call it!