Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Day Late

 Yesterday was my day to post on Loomy Tunes, the blog for the Tuesday Weavers,, but I had a window of about six hours in the morning when I had no computer connection.  I switched ISP's and it took longer than I thought it would, silly me!  When has a cable guy ever shown up on time in recent human history?
  But he did a good job, and my internet is faster, my t.v. has more channels that I'll never watch and he cleaned up after himself.  But I had to run off to work as soon as he was done.  And when I got home at 11:00, well, I just didn't have it in me!
  Tuesday, I changed wefts on the New Mexican Sunset warp, and I really like the way the white shows it off!  Bad fuzzy photo, but trust me, it really POPS!  Even though I spent most of the time cutting the fabric into usable strips, I still got almost an entire place mat woven before the nap craving set in.  It happens every Tuesday after lunch.  The shuttle moves slower, my eyes begin to droop, I   can't    weave     any    more...
  And so, there was napping.  But later, I wove quite a bit on the hand painted warp at home.  While cable guy was doing his thing, I finished the third scarf.  I have just enough warp left to make the body of a purse, I think.  I'll have to decide what combination of weft to use, but whichever weft makes the cut, I know the bag will need to be sassy in form!  It's just too pretty a warp to be an old plain sack!


Work's been busier than we ever expect January to be.  The 6th was Twelfth Night, or so I thought.  After making King's Cakes for the tasting dessert, I found out it was actually the 5th.  But the guests didn't care, and I think the cakes came out cute.

One guest ordered a sampler of all the desserts.  I didn't want to cut any of them, though, so it came out quite large.  I hope he didn't finish them all!
  The 8th was Elvis' birthday, and I always try to celebrate it by having the Velvet Elvis on the menu.  It's going on the regular rotation this year, simply because there's no other fruit in season right now!
It's a peanut butter cookie, vanilla custard baked then cut and placed on top of the cookie, topped with banana slices that are bruleed with sugar, rum caramel sauce and a tiny deep-fried peanut butter-banana sandwich.
  This weekend is our annual Taste of the South, a fund-raising event and auction for the Southern Foodways Alliance,  Three guest chefs from the south give cooking demos, lecturers lecture and lots of meals are prepared.  In fact, I've got to get going soon to make Banana Pudding for 130.  Photos to follow!
  In the meantime, stay warm and dry!  The wind is kicking up outside and the temperature is dropping.  Stay inside and weave something yummy!

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LA said...

I like the new's very YOU! As always, yummy desserts to drool over, as well as wonderful weaving!