Monday, January 23, 2012

Doubling Up

Dark side up
  This weekend, I tried my hand at double weave, following Jennifer Moore's book.  I'm making her sampler, something I wound the warp for last year.  I believe I have found another magic trick!  It's not --yet-- as flashy as overshot, but I like it quite a lot.

Light side up

I've threaded it in Ketchup and Mustard, colors far out of my comfort zone, but fun to watch work together.
  As I wove, I noticed two threads misbehaving, but after much agonizing and soul-searching, I told myself, "Hey!  It's a sampler!  It's not hanging in the Louvre!"  And I got over it.  I also got over the big loop of missed mustard thread in the bottom layer, when I started weaving with the ketchup on top.  Just have to keep telling myself, "It's a sampler!"
Oops! Threading error!
Can you see the two different parts?

The first time I looked inside the weaving and saw the separation, I was very excited.  I took about ten photos, and this is the best, which isn't very good, but I hope you get the idea.
  Before I started weaving this, I read and read and read the book, trying to make it sink in, but it didn't really "take" until I saw the YouTube video of Jennifer Moore demonstrating an overview.  You can buy the whole video on Interweave's site, but I think I'll just plug along with the book.  She did mention some very important details, though. 
  • Placing the shuttles on top of the piece in order keeps them from crossing each other, which keeps the two pieces separate.  
  • Starting from the left and finishing on the right helps keep your place in the treadling sequence. 
  • Weftie helps
  • The tie-up is crucial for success, as it keeps the top layer separate from the bottom layer as you treadle.
I'm pretty sure I've wound on too much for the sampler, but I think it will give me lots of room to play with this weave.  I'm already thinking of way too many possibilities for its use.

Bella waits with Hedgehog
 My excitement in double weave was not exactly matched by my furry entourage.  Our walk was postponed longer than Bella thought was necessary, and Weftie was pretty sure he could be of assistance, sitting on the stool with me.  He makes a good lower back warmer, but really isn't much good at shuttle throwing.  His fur, however, adds a little extra insulation to everything I make!
  My plans for outside work have been foiled again by the rain, but it just means I'll make more progress on the sampler.  Making a double-width piece is next, and I can't wait!


Tina J said...

That looks like a wonderful project for today! I haven't tried double weave yet, though I have done a little double knitting.

LA said...

I'm so proud of you!!!! I haven't ventured into the realm of double weave yet, and that looks like so much fun!

Roxie said...

You totally rock! And double weave has so much potential. You are gonna have fun with this! Do silly experiments with the extra warp. It's a SAMPLER!

Weftie is an admirable assistant. Good kittie!

Bonnie said...

The more you do it the easier it gets. Lots of fun. Bella does show her dislike for having to wait. she is adorable.

Sharon said...

I'm not ready to dive into double weave just yet, but it Jennifer Moore I would turn to, should I go there. Thanks for the tips. And yeah, I got grouchy dogs today because it was too muddy to walk.

They menaced the cat and then I yelled at them, so we were all miserable. I have no idea how my tiny 7 pound cat holds his own with these hooligans. They were shamed by my admonitions and then Charlie strode over to check on them, when they had been just minutes away from dispatching him. I don't get cats and dogs.