Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Tale of Two Blouses

 From the inside, today looks beautiful, but after a week of lovely weather, yesterday turned bitter cold and gross again.  Today is sunny but the wind will grab you right by the throat.  That's why aside from once around the park with Bella, I've been inside sewing all day.
  I started with the pattern on the right, a Rebecca Taylor design, full of ruffles and tucks.  I messed up the button bands, and have laid it aside while I picked up the newest project from Merchant & Mills, the Camber set.  I've started with the blouse, because I'm not sure how it will look on me as a dress yet.  I've chosen some coarse linen that I dyed a sage green last summer, and I decided to embellish it with some machine made lace.  It was my first try, and it didn't come out very well.  I think it needs a tulle backing.  The blouse will be a breeze to make up, though, and I'll do that after I write this.
  I've had an ideas while sewing all those ruffles on the other blouse:  wouldn't it be cool to make it again with lace instead of ruffles?  And wouldn't it be cool if I knitted the lace myself?  So when I needed a break from sewing, I started knitting some lace on fine needles with some linen thread.  It's fun!  It goes a little slowly, but I really enjoy it, and with only 6 rows to the pattern, I've already memorized it and can cruise along.

 Because of the fine weather earlier in the week, my Jane Magnolia has burst into bloom, and here it is, using the neighbor's stinky Bradford Pear as a backdrop.  I'm hoping tomorrow after work, I can finish tilling the garden without freezing, and get these pea seedlings in the ground.

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LA said...

Knitting your own lace???? WOW! You go, girl! Did the blooms on your Jane Magnolia get nipped by the freeze?