Saturday, March 14, 2015

Sow and Sew

Spring fever hit this week.  The temperatures soared from the teens to the 70's, the snow melted and the rains came.  Grass seed has been flung, seeds and soil have been purchased and planned, shrubs have  been pruned.
   I confess that I wish winter would last just one more week, because I'm almost finished with a beautiful winter coat, and I'm going to hate to put it away unworn. It's a brushed twill in a tan wool, and it's so soft and warm.  It's lined with cream colored polyester, and I've found such lovely oval metal buttons for it.

This is not a great photo, but I took a break from the coat to make another denim dress from Grainline Studios, and tried some fancy stitching on the pocket.  It ran off the pocket, and I'm still trying to decide if I can live with that, or rip it out.  I'll sleep on it.

 A few weeks ago, while I was making the black winter coat with the teal lining, I made a blouse from the same teal fabric.  It's from a  Colette pattern, my second Colette pattern, and I'm just as unhappy with the pattern as the first.  Things don't lie right, and aren't well thought out.  They're made, I think, to be easier than traditional patterns, and as a consequence, things just don't look good.  Instead of armhole facings on this one, the piece extends out, and you're supposed to fold it in and tack it down.  Well, the tacking shows!  And it's hideous.  I tried beading over it, but that looks worse.  I do love, however, how I hid the snap stitching, by beading daisies over it.  It was a great t.v. watching project, and I love the contrast.  I'll post a photo of the finished blouse when I've figured out how to fix the sleeves.

 Even though it's been misting all day, I did manage to muck out some weeds from the garden bed.  I quit when I got aggravated from walking around with an inch of clay on my boots!  But I got quite a lot done.  I have 4 bags of compost in the car waiting for me to finish.  And in the meantime, I got all the seeds in the starter trays that needed early starting:  tomatoes, pepper, beans, peas and more peas.  I cannot wait until there are little plants in my dining room nursery!
  It's almost spring, and I'll soon have a new wardrobe, and new edibles.  Yippee!

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LA said...

I know you want to wear your new coat....but, it would be just fine with me if it stayed warm! So, just sing to your little plants, and play them a tune or two....they'll be ready to go outside before you know it!