Friday, March 6, 2015

Accomplishing Things

As reported everywhere, it's been cold, icy and snowy here in Knoxville the last few weeks.  And like LouAnn, Carol and Tina over at Loomy Tunes, I've been stuck inside on my days off.  I kept myself busy, mostly sewing, looking at the back yard in its various stages of freeze and thaw.
  The first thing I tackled was the Dress Shirt by Merchant & Mills, the pattern company Theresa, from Camp Runamuck has been talking about on her blog.  I was disappointed in the finished result, because it just looks frumpy!  I made it of navy blue linen I'd had for years, and had hesitated cutting into it.  I think maybe in the summer it'll be a light, airy thing to slip on when it's too hot to bear anything touching me.  It was fun to make, and I think for future use, the pattern will make a wonderful night gown.  LouAnn stopped by last week with the whole packet of patterns, and I've copied two of them to try later.

 The next project looks awful in the picture, but it's really cute.  It's another dress shirt, a pattern from Grainline Studio, .  This is one version, with sleeves added to cover my middle-aged upper arms.  The other view on the pattern has a gathered skirt, and it's cut out but not started here in the sewing room, also out of denim.

 The next piece is a warm winter coat that I blogged about last time, made of a beautiful piece of silky wool, with a cashmere collar and the teal piece of luscious polyester.  It's had a spin or two around Knoxville in the frosty weather, and I like it a lot.
 And today, I finished a blouse I've been working on all week, grabbing minutes before and after work to make it.  It's a piece of cotton-polyester blend I got from Mom's stash last summer.  It was a plain old cream, and I dyed it a sage green that I really like.  I used the Loes Hinse pattern for the Milan shirt.  I'd put in a link, but can't seem to find the right one.  I've made this blouse three times now, and I really like its simple structure and straight lines.  I'll wear it tomorrow to the Neighborhood Conference, where I'll be all day, volunteering to help wherever needed.

Icy Red Bud
I'd rather be outside instead, but it's still cold, though sunny and beautiful.  Bella and I strolled around the park, but came in when the wind chilled us.  If you see Spring anywhere, please tell her we miss her and would like her to come visit us!


LA said...

I really love the little blue linen dress...and I think you'll enjoy it this summer! I've got the bag pattern pinned on the dismantled pair of blue jeans, but not cut out. I'll let you know how it goes.

Sharon said...

I've thought about sewing but I don't fit conventional patterns anymore. I nee to look into these indie pattern companies.