Thursday, March 3, 2016

Blood Pressure Medication

 We've all heard and read that knitting and sewing are good for our blood pressure. We know when we can work at our fiber arts to our hearts' content that this is true.  This week has been full of that kind of medication for me.
  This past Saturday, after we'd finished baking all the bread, my six Guatemalan co-workers stayed after work and learned to knit.  The girl in the back right corner, Lupita, who is a junior in high school, got started one afternoon when she saw me knitting while I waited for bread to come out of the oven.  I found a You Tube video for her to watch, gave her some needles and yarn, and she taught herself to cast on, knit and purl.  This Saturday, I taught her to bind off.  That was after she helped me teach the three new women to get started.  She'd already taught her two sisters, Marina and Juana to knit.  We had a nice hour of casting on and first rows, and then their rides came.  This Saturday, we're planning on meeting again, while the bread cools.
  It was another busy week, full of baking and teaching, and yesterday seemed particularly trying for me, but every time I started to get frustrated or too tired, I thought about today being a free day to sew.  For some reason, I quit sewing a couple of months ago, but when I read Theresa's blog, Camp Runamuck, last week, and she showed her latest pattern, I had a strong urge to go hang out in the sewing room.  
  I bought the same pattern, and cut out the pieces this afternoon, while taking a break from finishing this blouse.  It's linen that I dyed last summer by dumping all the cups of dye I had been using that morning.  I've made one short sleeved top with the same fabric, but this blouse I put aside several months ago when I sewed the wrong sides together and got frustrated. 
   I've been sewing on this blouse since 4:00 this morning, with many breaks, and now am about to sit down in front of the t.v. for the hand sewing portion.  And I need to put buttons on that baby's sweater and get in the mail, since her mother reminded us on Facebook that she has 12 more days to go!  After all this fiber therapy, my blood pressure should be just fine!


Theresa said...

OMG that hand dyed cloth is divine! So beautiful. I need to get into the sewing room myself although I have been having a fun time amongst the loom forest here.
Look at all those helpers knitting away.You obviously have that teaching gift, no matter what the medium. I bet that bread smelled awfully good too.....

LA said...

LOVE those tucks on your blouse!!! I'm looking forward to seeing the McCalls top, too. The website was sold out when I went to buy it!!!