Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Spring Resolutions

 At the beginning of a new year, I do make some resolutions, but rarely keep them.  I think Spring is more of beginning, though, and I enjoy making Spring time resolutions more.  The weather is fine, everything is blooming, and I feel more positive than in the gloom of deep winter.  
  So, I resolved last week to spend more time outdoors, and really, really intended to work in the garden and make a new compost bin.  The problem is that I wake up far before dawn cracks, and get started on projects in the sewing room, and ended up last weekend spending the morning outside, dyeing.  I was outside!  I just didn't do a darn thing to the yard, except spill a little purple dye in the newly-green grass.

My intentions were good!  I just didn't make it to the garden.  Hence, it's sad state of disrepair.  I know, though, that we have at least a month more of the threat of frost, and that's my current excuse.
I had such a pleasant time dyeing, though.  I also dyed a piece of linen two shades of plum that didn't photograph well.  You'll just have to use your imagination, and I'll show you what I made once I do make it into something.  
  The tie-dyed piece is to make the center and sleeves of the pattern I showed last week.  I cut the green linen into the swing coat pattern, and didn't have enough to make the other top.  So, I dyed white linen.  The green is not a perfect match, but I will forge ahead.  If it doesn't look great, I had fun doing it, anyway, and will probably wear it happily.
  After the dyeing was done, I washed out the purple, and noticed to my horror that the rinse water all came out onto the floor of the laundry room.  I'd noticed and ignored other water during the week prior, hoping it was a figment of my imagination, but when the water was deep purple, it was hard to ignore.  I spent most of yesterday shopping for a new washer and dryer to replace my 12-year-old set.  The dryer still works, but it's had its repairs, too, and is making suspicious noises.  I felt it was better to get the whole job done at once. 
  I finally found someone to help me at the third box store I went to, and even though another store had a slightly better price, I felt it was worth it to reward the person who helped me.  The new set will be delivered Friday, and washing will commence!
  Another resolution I made was to start working out.  If my 82-year-old mother can join a gym, so can I!  So I joined the local YMCA and went for the first time yesterday.  Whew!  I am certainly out of shape!  But I am resolved to be that way no more, and am going to a yoga class in a few minutes. 
  But first, I must show you the latest finished piece, all but buttons and buttonholes.  Alas, someone coughed up a hair ball on it--a fact of my life--which explains the dirt on it.  This is more lime green cotton with a little spandex in it that I bought at Textiles last year.  I'm going to hand sew some lace on it that I knitted this winter, going around the collar, and then, I'll put on the cute daisy buttons I found last week.  It makes me feel like spring is already here!


LA said...

Your little redbud just keeps growing and growing!!! I'm glad you were able to find a washer and dryer...that's not something I look forward to doing.

Theresa said...

Well congrats on the new W&D! I told Gene he was tasked with keeping our old one alive forever. You just can't find a HD washer with agitator (top load) that can handle king sized sheets and comforters.
This one does. Like the dye job Maggie, looks good in grass too. Top is awfully cute what pattern is it?
My garden is a mess too. I am also ignoring it....