Thursday, March 31, 2016

Stormy Promises

 When I got home yesterday, I had a new gift for myself waiting on the front porch.  I'd ordered the new Workbook from Merchant & MIlls, a packet of 6 patterns.  I took a nice cold beer and the packet outside on a beautiful spring day to check it out.  
  The designs are simple and stylish, with interesting details.  Check it out here:
I had a long day yesterday, and didn't trust myself to start anything, so I put it away for the night, after reading the workbook cover to cover.

 Yesterday morning, I finished the orange huck lace shirt, minus the buttons and buttonholes.  I had to go get the buttons this morning, but with a huge storm coming up, I only felt brave enough to go to the small JoAnn's in my neighborhood. I got some buttons that will work, but they don't excite me.  I might pause a little while before I add them, in case I have time to find some sassier buttons.

 So, after a good night's sleep, I tackled the new patterns.  They have to be traced onto pattern fabric, because they're printed on both sides, and sometimes, they're printed in each other.  Many years ago, I bought an entire bolt of pattern fabric, so I was equipped.  It made me chuckle that the instructions say to use "tins of beans" to weight the cloth!  Well, I only had two tins of bins, and had to use tomatoes and tomato paste!  

They worked fine, and I got two tops' patterns cut out.  I don't know if you can tell that the bottom photo is of some pale green linen being cut into a cute wrap top.  I also have some yummy pale yellow linen that I want to cut out, but I want to make sure this top fits first.

A long time ago, I blogged about cutting out this embroidered stretch cotton top, a design by Claude Montana, a pattern that I bought in 1999 in Kalispell, Montana!  It's a long, slim tunic, with a zipper in the front instead of buttons.  The fabric is gorgeous, but I made the mistake of cutting out the back too close to the selvedge.  There was a blank space, about four inches wide.  I started working on this yesterday, saw the mistake and put it aside.  I slept on it overnight, and decided to cut a triangle to applique over the top of the naked spot, because the front has top stitched darts that echo the triangle.  I like it fine, and have moved on, putting the zipper in the front.  I got to the point today where I needed to top stitch the zipper, and it was beyond my afternoon mental capacity.  
  The storm never fulfilled its potential, and it's even clearing up.  I would love to go get some shrubs for the side yard, and will post about them next week!


LA said...

I can't wait to see your workshop top all finished! I haven't traced any of those patterns, yet! That's a whole lot of sewing going on in your part of the city!!!

Theresa said...

You two should check out Coco's blog, she's done a few of the M&M workbook patterns.
I have so many of the M&M patterns myself already I passed on this so can't wait to hear how you all are liking it. I've often found some really great buttons and other notions on etsy. The shirt is just to pretty to settle.

Sharon said...

Boy, you guys make me to want to sew. If I could just find one good boyfriend shirt pattern!!