Thursday, March 10, 2016

It's Nice Outside, But...

All I want to do is sew!  I started early this morning, finishing the top stitching on the button band on this Collette pattern, and I was relieved that my self-drafted facing worked neatly.  The original pattern instructions call for seam binding that is supposed to go down the fronts from the back yoke and is supposed to be tucked neatly into the button bands.  I've made this blouse twice before, and both times, the seam binding has been lumpy and uncooperative.  This time I thought I'd try a facing, and loved the way this batik cotton gave it a little private flair.  No one will see it but me, and I love the way it came out.  The blouse front lays flat, and it looks much nicer.  I need to make the vents for the sleeves next, and that is always a daunting task for me, no matter how many times I've done it. 

So I moved on to more fun things.  Like this piece of dark green linen that I think I bought in 2008, the first time I ever went to Textiles in Nashville  I bought 3 yards of it, and it's 60 inches wide, so there's lots to play with.  I bought this pattern at JoAnn's last week when they had all Butterick patterns for $1.99.  All but the sleeves and collars are cut out singly, to make the unusual drape.  I'm going to make a pair of bag waisted pants from the rest of the linen, but I don't think they'll go together.  I think the top needs a slimmer profile under it.  

But before I started that, I cut out a tunic from a Burda pattern that is basically a long button down shirt.  This fabric is something that I bought for my mom a few years ago, also at Textiles in Nashville, but I don't think she liked it.  When she invited me to take her fabric stash last summer, I brought it home, and only today noticed that it has Huck lace in the weave!  It also has some thick-and-thin, and some satin weave in it.  I made the strips of lace and other textures go vertical to help me appear slimmer, something I can always use!


Daisy and Sunny, 8 1/2 months old

 Well, it's just too nice.  I think I'd better walk Bella before it's summer and I regret letting this day pass.  The kittens will just keep lounging. I hope it's just as lovely wherever you are!


Theresa said...

That Butterick pattern looks like a Katherine Tilton pattern? Oh my love all the fabric colors but I really adore those two beautiful torties!

LA said...

The little girls aren't so little anymore! I envy your sewing time...I can't seem to find mine these days.