Monday, June 28, 2010


  I'm wondering why weaving and sewing feel like accomplishments, and knitting feels like I'm wasting my time?  It shouldn't feel that way, but when I sit down to knit, I must have something else going on, like a podcast or movie or something.  I can't possibly weave or sew with the t.v. on, or I'd make too many mistakes.  But knitting feels like a guilty pleasure, one not nearly so necessary.
  It's not that I'm not good at knitting; I am pretty good at it, though I do wish I could improvise more and make my own patterns.  I do that fearlessly with sewing, and have begun to feel brave enough in weaving to do so.  Every time I try to make my own patterns in knitting, I end up having to rip the whole thing out.  I've been knitting since I was nine years old, and I should be much more fearless with it than anything else I do, but the fear of wasting yarn and time make my creativity freeze up.  I follow patterns to the letter and still can only hope for the best.
  Case in point:  my current project.  I have ripped out the scarf from the Knitting Olympics and begun a garter stitch cardigan.  I've finished the back, and started both the fronts, knitting them at the same time.  It looks a little small, but I've already ripped out the top of the back.  It was way too small, wouldn't even fit around my neck!  It does now, and I don't mind if it's a bit snug.
  Now, I know if I would actually take paper and pencil, knit a swatch and chart an actual pattern, I would be more successful.  The only excuse I have to offer is that I just don't feel like it!  So, disappointment might follow, but I sure do like knitting something so mindless and easy.
  On Saturday, I promised photos of the tapestry class and Bloomsday, but I don't actually have any.  LouAnn posted many photos of our fun tapestry class on, so any that I would have taken would have been redundant.  It was a great class, a great group and a lot of fun.
  Bloomsday was just too darned hot!  We got there at 1:50, and we were warned that it would end at 3.  I assured the kind women selling tickets that there was no way we would last that long!  Mom had her sun hat, but we both forgot sunblock and water.  Even the plants looked sad and dry!
We didn't take more than 25 minutes to blaze through the displays.  We go almost every year, but it's never been so hot before.
  I've taken 4 days off this week, and have spent today cleaning and weaving.  I've also got to blog for Tuesday Weavers, so it's a busy, but very enjoyable day.  Check out my weaving news on  Happy weaving, knitting, cleaning and whatever else fills you day today!
 P.S.   LouAnn just sent me a photo of my tapestry adventures in Carl's class this weekend, as you see from her comment below, and here it is!
So much fun!  I will try to finish this sampler and perhaps post it later!

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LA said...

I just sent you a picture you can use of the tapestry class. I didn't get to use it Saturday. I'm sorry you didn't enjoy was way too hot Saturday to enjoy being outside!