Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New, new, new

  A few years ago, my son called me and, sounding slightly concerned, said, "I think I'm part crow.  I like everything shiny and new."  He would like my day, then.  It was filled with new things, some shiny, some not so very shiny.
Newly threaded warp, at the Center, of bleached linen, my first linen warp.  It looks ready to go, but there were a few errors.  I startled everyone at lunch when I said quite loudly, "Oh, for crying out loud!" the third time I still hadn't fixed a threading error.  My mother congratulated me on keeping it clean, but inside, the curse words were flowing.
Ah, that's more like it!  The beginning of my finger-manipulated lace towels, sans errors.  I need to remember to bring a proper pick up stick, rather than using this shuttle, but it was what I had to work with today.  I've forgotten all the different lace patterns I learned earlier this year, and the one-one leno was all I could remember today.  I'll have to bring that issue of Weave Craft to the Center, too.
  I went home and made a big mug of tea, got two cookies and headed into the loominaria to finish the kitchen curtain warp.

  I'm still not crazy about that yellow, but I do like the way it goes with the green and purple.  There are 504 ends of white, 60 of purple and green each, and 144 of yellow.  It's 24 epi, with 48 in the design.  I'm looking forward to getting it started to see if I charted the design correctly.  It's a lot more complicated than the previous turned overshot, the bathroom curtain, and I moved the tabby to shafts 1 and 2.  We shall see...
  And lastly, Carmen's color started on the afghan today.
   It looks a lot like Bonnie's color.  The difference is that Carmen actually has two colors, the other being a lovely dark purple.  Cathy's color is next, the same pink as Pat's.  I'm still waiting for Nikki's color, and I wonder what it will be?  That will finish my afghan rectangles, and I will be so ready to start something NEW!


LA said...

You realize that you will get asked to do a workshop on turned overshot, don't you???? Soooooo many things to weave.....so little time!!!

Theresa said...

Ohh, the kitchen curtain warp looks great. The yellow will settle down once you're weaving, it looks good from here already though!

Bonnie said...

You are almost done with the squares. Guess that I better get started soon.