Friday, June 11, 2010

The sewing room is ready for action!  I've started hemming the place mats, all 15 of them!  But before that, I finished the bathroom curtain.

I love it!  The pattern, in pearl cotton, didn't shrink as much as the background, and it puffs out a bit.  It's clear why the instructions in Weaver's Craft recommends putting the pattern threads in a supplementary warp.  That said, I don't think I will put the pattern warp for the kitchen curtain in one.  I think it will look fine.  I've started winding the warp, and have finished one-quarter of it so far.
  It's been a less-than-enjoyable week at work so far, but I'm deep in pickling mode.  Last week, I made 90 jars of bread and butter pickles, and today, I will probably crank out another 90.  Dear Ila, the blueberry farmer from down the road, brought me 210 pounds of cabbage on Wednesday, and I will be turning it into Chow Chow today.  It's only the 11th, and I'm past halfway in my production goals.  The first black raspberries should be delivered tomorrow, and I've never made that kind of jam before.  It should be pretty yummy!
  Meanwhile, I'll keep my head down, my mouth closed (that should be a task in its own right!) and my eyes on the end of the week!


Theresa said...

The curtains look beautiful! I love them.

LA said...

I just read yesterday that Jeff Ross is the speaker at Friday's lunch at the Lavender Festival! The curtains are amazing!

Tina said...

What an inspiration those curtains are! Well done, Maggie!

Jeanne said...

Your bathroom current looks great! I'm sure your kitchen ones will come out equally splendid.