Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Playing Hooky

It's Tuesday, and I should go to the Center to weave with my friends.  But, friends, I have a new sewing room, and I have new fabric and new patterns, and only one more day off to play with them!  And Miss Etta wants to hang out with me today.

Okay, it's a mess right now!  And the AVL is right behind that chair, taking up 2/3 of the room, but I will whip the room into shape this morning, and get at least one project going.  Let's see, what should it be?
What about the beautiful white metallasse I bought at Textiles last month?  It will make the yummiest long sleeved shirt!
Or what about the gorgeous skirt fabric?  That would take about two minutes to make!  But I don't think I have a black zipper, and I don't have time for a trip to JoAnn's today.

Here are the two new patterns, and the luscious fabric to make the dress on the left.  But I don't have underlining to start that.  There's the bathroom curtain, waiting to be wet finished and hemmed and hung up.  That's a definite possibility.

Okay, here's the real job that must be done, and it will make me feel as if I'm at Tuesday Weaving!  These are the many, many placemats I made on Linda's warp at the Center.  They've been washed and need serging, separating and hemming.  That is the first thing I'll do, then.  And while I do that, I'll dream up other things to sew.  
  I'll miss my Tuesday Weaving friends, but I know LouAnn and Tina will blog about the action on tuesdayweavers.blogspot.com, and I'll catch up with everyone later!
Happy Tuesday!


LA said...

Ah shucks....we'll miss you today! When I taught school, we called them "mental health" days. Sometimes you just need to tackle the projects at home that are screaming at you! Yes, you ARE hearing voices!!!!

Tina said...

Good for you Maggie, sometimes you just have to do it! Check the blog for an update on Linda.