Sunday, June 20, 2010

My week in fiber

  This week, fiber was the focus, though Abby and I did manage to get a lot of stuff canned.  At the beginning of the week, I started my first sewing projects in my beautiful new sewing room.
The first project was a peasant blouse made from leftovers from a skirt I made a couple of years ago for Matt's girlfriend, Dana.  The skirt was long, with eight godets, making a lot of scrap fabric.  Here it is cut out, with my furry friends keeping close watch on the birds outside.
  I also cut out another peasant blouse from some batik fabric I bought many years ago, and haven't used because the right project refused to present itself.
  It's the same pattern as the orange blouse, but longer, and with short sleeves.  It's what I will start working on as soon as I've written this!
  Friday, Abby and I finished work at one, making both of us very happy.  She just had an early day off, but I was on my way to the Tuesday Weavers' Weaving Retreat at LouAnn's in Oak Ridge.  I went home, roasted some chicken and finished the orange blouse.  Bella and I packed up, and were on the road by 5:30.
  The first night was pot luck and friendship.  What a great group of cooks!  Everything was so delicious, there was talk of a Tuesday Weavers cookbook, and it would be a good one.  Most of the group left after dinner, but Mom and I stayed over, since Oak Ridge is quite a drive for each of us.
  Saturday was the Lavender Festival in Oak Ridge.  Hot as it was, we ventured out.  We found some beautiful plants, including lavender, and stayed just as long as we could stand it.  LouAnn and I were dreaming of some pool time, but as soon as we got in, we heard thunder rumbling.
  After the storm passed, the weavers started showing up, some with guests.  Bella was happy to have some friends of her own to play with.  She herded Wally and Scout most of the afternoon, while weaving was going on inside.

  Tina had handouts in binders, with patterns, articles and instructions for her inkle  weaving students.  Everyone got right to work, choosing patterns and winding their warps.  I've missed some of the students --sorry, Ann!--but you can see it was serious stuff, with everyone very intent on their inkles!  Tina hopped from one student to the next, and got everyone off to a good start.
  But where am I, you might ask?
Right here!  Yes!  I am spinning!  After the spinning wheel from the center sat in my living room for over a month, ignored except to move around to vacuum under, I finally set myself down to learn to spin.  Tina was there to guide me, and off I went!  Below is my first actual spun yarn, very exciting!  I had toyed with the idea of inkling, but I really wanted to get the spinning bug under control, so chose that as my focus for the weekend.  I love it!  It's so meditative, yet challenging enough to be interesting.  I spun all the roving Tina gave me weeks ago, and am ready for more.

  I can't close without saying a huge thank you to Joyce, LouAnn's sister, our Kitchen Wench.  She kept us fed and cleaned up after all weekend, and we so appreciate it!
I caught her by surprise last night as she loaded the dishwasher yet again.  Thanks, Joyce!
  The rest of the gang is probably just starting to gather again at LouAnn's but I had to head home this morning to check on the cats.  All were fine, and I'm happy to be back.  We're planning another retreat in the fall, though, and I will definitely be there!
  Happy weaving!  And spinning!


LA said...

You're fiber-tabulous!!!! A good time was had by all (I think!) I'm so glad you are now a SPINNER!

PC's Mom said...

Leave a Kitchen Wench with nothing to do (Maggie and Joyce went home and the others have not arrived) and she will concoct refreshing afternoon libations. I have created for me Firefly lemonade and Pink Firefly lemonade. For Lou Ann I have created Firefly tea and Pink Firefly tea.

These are very good "dranks," if you get my drift.

Thanks everyone for a great weekend!
The Kitchen Wench