Monday, January 3, 2011

Avoiding the Draft?

In my post yesterday on A Sweet Thread, I mentioned that I always have to draft my patterns to see where the threading and treadling occur in Davison's patterns.  I have to do a draw down draft for every weaving project I do, or I'm not able to visualize it on the loom.  I still make mistakes, like not noticing the dip in the dogwood flower petals to the left, but I was successful with the Antique Rose pattern below.
  I know there are a lot of new weavers in the Tuesday Weavers' group, and I'd like to encourage all of them to take Carol's class on drafting patterns.  It has helped me immensely, and has spared me much frustration.  It's also saved a lot of time and yarn.  I think that one day, when I'm feeling very brave, I'll even be able to use the technique to make my own weaving patterns!

  Now that I'm able to attend next week's party, I'm working hard on the embroidery floss scarf challenge, and I tell you, it's hard not to spill the beans here!  It is so much fun!  Hem stitching with those fine threads, not so much fun, but the scarf is coming out perfectly scrumptious.  I'm so glad it's only a week away!
  I need to get back to it, though.  I spent the entire morning in search of a tapestry needle, and now need to go apply it.
  Have a fabulous week, and see you all next Tuesday!


Linda said...

I sure am looking forward to seeing the scarf!

LA said...

That sounds fantastic! Can't wait to see it!