Thursday, January 20, 2011

May I Have S'More?

  Now, dear Reader, you know I didn't want to make the s'more this week.  I wanted to mull it over one more weekend, make it Monday and put the cookbook to bed, once and for all.  My boss, dear Chef Josh Feathers doesn't read my blog.  He really doesn't care what I had planned for Monday.  He knew the deadline for recipes is Tuesday, and he wanted them all done.  So, this morning he called me and asked when I'd be bringing the S'More over for him to taste.  Sigh...
  So, here it is, and here is his right hand getting ready to help him enjoy some more s'more.  One thing I really like about Josh is that, while he's criticizing my desserts, he's trying to figure out how to lick the plate without ever actually picking it up and licking it.  This time he had to show restraint because we wanted someone else's opinion and I only brought one plate, but he liked it fine, had a couple of suggestions, and the recipe is recorded.  Now, I can relax all weekend and not spend one more second on how to put together graham cracker, marshmallow and milk chocolate.

 Then, it was on to other things.  Here are some preserved lemons, which actually won't be technically preserved for three more weeks.  It's simply lemon quarters, salt, spices and lemon juice.  We couldn't figure out how to seal a regular canning jar that would pass FDA regulations, so we put it in the jars we use for peanut butter and sealed it with the induction sealer.  You know when you open a jar of peanut butter and it has the inner seal?  It actually comes inside the outer lid, and there's a machine that heats the seal without heating the outer lid, making the seal melt enough to keep it air tight.  I've never made preserved lemons, never used them in cooking, either, and I'm curious about how they'll taste in three weeks.  I'll let you know!

And now that I can let you know, here are the two scarves I made for the Tuesday Weavers' challenge.  Carl received the left one, and I gave the right one to Mom.  I beaded the fringes with some lime green beads, my first twisted-and-beaded fringes.  I really liked this warp, and thoroughly enjoyed weaving with the bamboo.  There'll be a lot more of that coming up, since this weekend, I'll finish threading the baby blankets.  
  Tomorrow, it's back to lemon marmalade.  And then a busy weekend, which I'll be sure to blog about later!


LA said...

We got a chance Tuesday to look UP CLOSE at your scarf. Carl was showing it off, and we all loved the color change. Great Job!!!! I'm sure the S'Mores were a big hit!!!

Linda said...

Josh is eating the s'mores with a fork??? Tell him it tastes better when eaten with this hands and then he can lick his fingers! :-)