Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mom's Shed Raising

Yesterday, Mom and I were supposed to get her shed and assemble it before we warped one of her looms.  At about 10, she called me from my neighborhood Home Depot, where she'd bought the shed last week.  She'd tried to get them to put the shed in her car, but it was too big.  She tried to rent a truck, but didn't have her proof of insurance with her.  I drove up there with Bella and rented the truck.  The inside was vinyl upholstery and rubber floor mats, so I brought Bella's blanket along and we all drove to Mom's.  Right by UT Med Center, Bella leaned over Mom and threw up.  All over her.  Not on the mats, blanket or seat.  
  So, we got to Mom's, Mom changed, I cleaned the cab of the truck up, and we unloaded the shed from the box.  There were no instructions, and it wasn't the shed we thought she'd bought.  We drove the truck back and told them this information, minus the barfing, and they told us, no, it's the right shed, it doesn't need any screws or bolts and here are the instructions, all 24 pages of them.  
  We got back to her house and the parts didn't "snap together like a big Lego set," as they'd said several times.  In fact, there were screw holes all over the place, obvious holes obviously meant for screws.
  We went on line, to the Rubbermaid website and pulled up the instructions, which bore very little resemblance to the ones they'd given us at Home Depot.  And what's that in the list of what's included?  24 screws?  4 bolts?  many washers?  Hmmmm...  I called Home Depot and asked what was up, and they assured me that they were out of that shed, hadn't had any in months, and that we couldn't have possibly bought one there.
  Eventually, after they put the phone down, without benefit of the Hold button so I could hear them talking amongst themselves, they realized Mom HAD actually bought the shed, and they would get the screws, etc. out to her a.s.a.p., and we could put the shed together then.
  The black warp for the Snail's Trail mug rugs is already wound, by Mom.  A bamboo warp is wound, by me, and both should go on her looms this week, or possibly by the weekend.  The shed will lie in a pile until the screws show up, hopefully the right ones!  And hopefully, no one will steal the pile of plastic parts!
Mom's shed, not raised.


LA said...

Oh my!!! I'm so sorry!!! It always seems that any project involves more than one trip to Home Depot!!! But, I'm so glad your Mom is back!

Linda said...

How awful! Hopefully you will be able to get it assembled soon and maybe have a warmer day to build it on!

When I bought my hay shed we looked at the manual and one of the first things it said to do was...."pour yourself a glass of lemonade and relax." LOL.

Tina J said...

One frustration after another! I hope you can get it up soon. Isit going to be a garden shed?

Maggie said...

It's a garden-variety shed! It's just for her garden tools and anything she wants to leave outside. Nothing like your lovely barn!