Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Winter Vacation

Weftie's new favorite hang out while I'm weaving.

Four 9 yard warps of 120 ends, in natural bamboo
I've had the last four days off, and it has been so restful, but so productive.  It would be so nice to show you what I've done, but the gift exchange has once again been postponed, this time until Saturday.  I spent all day Sunday weaving, all day Monday... um... I can't tell you what I was doing on Monday; it'd give away part of the gift I'm exchanging.  Yesterday, I wound warps for Saturday's dying event for both the Tuesday Weavers and the Clinch Valley Guild.  I also wound the warp for the baby blankets that will go on the loom as soon as I finish up the warp from the exchange.  I wound too much warp for two six-foot long scarves, about 4-5 feet too much, so I'm weaving the rest of that off, though I'm not sure what to do with it.  
  Today has been cold, cloudy, intermittently snowy and occasionally sunny.  It made everyone a little sleepy.

 Everyone but Leo, who decided it would be fun to get into one of the yarn boxes I emptied in a spurt of reorganization I had last night.


Bonnie said...

Poor, Leo. Will he ever learn? Where is Bella? Sounds like you are all set for Saturday. See you there.

Life Looms Large said...

Your cats like danger I think!

Sounds like you're getting lots done! Looking forward to seeing the results!

You've probably already woven it off, but couldn't the remaining 4-5 feet be a shorter scarf??? (Have you seen that short scarf trick where people make a slit in the end so the scarf can be looped through it....that's if the scarf is just plain too short....but some people like the 4 foot length.)

Stay warm!

LA said...

Hey! Sue has a great idea with the slit in the end. I saw that in one of the magazines. I think Weftie is pretending he's laying on the beach in the sun....that's a good thing to do on a snowy day! Great picture of Ms. Ella....we don't see her too often. (All Leo lacked was sticking his tongue out!)

Theresa said...

What a group of helpers! Love the pic of Weftie. In fact I think your blog pic is my all time favorite.
Oh you are way too industrious for a snowy day. Puts me to shame. I sort of float through those days, gazing out the window and watching snow fall

Tina J said...

I can't wait to see all the scarves we have made! It is so disappointing to keep having to postpone. I won't have the second one done like I had hoped, whoever gets my scarf I will offer the second one too, if they like it better.
That picture of Weftie is really cute, he and Toni could be cousins!