Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Decision

In Monday's installment of Loomy Tunes, I asked our readers what I should do about a threading error five inches from the right side, with the five errant threads over on the left side.  After reading all the answers and pondering a bit more on my part, I chose to cut the woven bit off, add heddles and hang the threads off the back.

Whoever invented replacement heddles is a genius.  I prefer the flat ones that just snap on, but they're $3.50 each, while the ones that have to be untwisted a bit, then twisted back on are $4.50 for ten.   I didn't have enough flat ones, so combined them to fix the five missing threads.

I did use Theresa's idea about winding the threads on and in empty cones, but you see there was a lone missed thread, too, hanging out by itself.  And do you spy the two threads just hanging down?  I saw some droopy threads and, to find out where they were from, I pulled on them.  They came out of wherever they had been threaded, and I couldn't track down their heddles or their space in the reed!
I guess 773 threads is just too much for me to keep track of!

 But this afternoon, in spite of my rampant ADD, I did manage to get some woven.  I also noticed two tabby threads together, meaning at least one of those dangling threads had a home, but Dear Readers, I simply don't care!  These are baby blankets, and if the mothers or babies notice the errors, well, more power to them!  I think the pattern is absolutely gorgeous, and I am weaving onward!  I love the way the white shines in the pattern above the natural warp.   The pattern is a bit long, but no problem, so far, and the missing thread isn't showing up in the pattern.  I hope it doesn't when I add the dyed blue yarn in the next repeat, but if it does, it will officially become a Design Feature.
  I'm home from work today because the lovely Arabella Louise has been limping on her left front paw for too long now.  I took her to the vet who told me there's nothing visibly wrong with it, and it must be a sprain that hasn't been able to heal.  She suggested letting Bella rest for the next 10-14 days:  no ball playing, no running in the park, no herding the cats!  Bell's on pain medication, spending most of the afternoon so far behind me on a rug, snoozing.  Right now, she and Weftie are passed out on cat beds behind my chair.  As soon as I log off the computer, Bella will jump up, because she recognizes the sequence of clicks when I log off.  Who needs a dog who knows over 1014 nouns?  My dog's computer literate!


LA said...

Sweet, sweet Bella!!! She's such a smart dog! Your baby blanket is fantastic....such a beauty. Some little someone will be very lucky!

Tina J said...

Absolutely Beautiful! I hope that Bella can rest, maybe the pain meds will help.

Linda said...

Oh, my! That is beautiful!!

Poor Bella, I hope she gets back to her normal self real soon.

Theresa said...

Get well quick wishes to Miss A. Bella.;)
I hate those things that they can't find a cause for don't
The blanket is just grand. Lucky babies.

Bonnie said...

Get well Bella! The baby blanket is so elegant looking. Will make a happy baby.

Elaine said...

The blanket is beautiful. I hope they enjoyed it :).