Friday, January 7, 2011


 We are starting a new cookbook at the farm, featuring all the stuff that comes out of the garden and out of the Larder.  I am testing all the dessert recipes, and set aside the next couple of weeks to do it.  This past weekend, while accidentally buying yarn--I really only wanted a tapestry needle--I saw this tape measure.  I'd seen it before in magazines, and there it was, in real life at the check out counter, set there for suckers like me.  It sets the tone for the week to come.

The first recipe was cranberry-walnut crisp with bleu cheese.  The crisp was good, gluten-free, tangy and warm.  The bleu cheese was voted off the island.  Adam makes the best bleu cheese in the world, but it doesn't go with this dessert.

  Next came Sam's vision of a big slab of red velvet cake, like the ones he had as a kid.  This one's filled with strawberry mousse and frosted with cream cheese.  I think the strawberry flavor needs some pumping up, so I think I'll put strawberry jam on each layer before the mousse.  But this one was pretty good as it was.

Today dawned gray, cold and a promise of snow that never materialized.  I kept the gray at bay by making lots of pie.  First came winter jam tarts with almond crust and creme fraiche.  I made them in tartlet form and turnover form.  The tartlet form won the audience approval.

Then, it was coconut cream pie.  I made a custard yesterday with coconut milk, and it smelled like a wet dog.  No idea why, but then I looked at an old, very successful recipe that called for Coco Lopez, made it, fell in love and made the pie.  The crust has macadamia nuts in it, and instead of making whipped cream for the top, I used the egg whites left from the custard to make a meringue.

And then it was time for the peanut butter pie.  I used our peanut butter in the custard, freshly made graham crackers for the crust and topped the whipped cream with peanut brittle I made.  Needs more peanut brittle in the final version, but Jeff didn't think so.

Unfortunately, I can't make these things without tasting them, and I don't mean once.  We all felt a bit woozy at the end of the day, and could probably stand a few days without tasting more recipes.
  I have a long weekend, starting tomorrow night, and that means no sweets, but a lot of weaving.  I won't be able to post photos until after the Tuesday Weavers' party on Tuesday, but check Loomy Tunes for any breaking fiber news from me on Monday!


LA said...

What a tasty day!!! That would keep the gray away! BTW, I just finished my draft for my first turned overshot warp! I just need to decide on the colors!

Tina J said...


Theresa said...

Oh my do you need any additional taste testers?
I hope you'll put info up on how to get some of these fab cookbooks and recipes when they become available.
Until then, I guess I'll just have to continue wiping drool off my computer screen...;)

Bonnie said...

If you need any taste testers let me know. The one I could really taste was the coconut cream pie, with almonds in the curst. Oh, my. Heavenly. Please let us know when the cook book will be ready.