Sunday, January 2, 2011


Well, this was quite possibly the quickest weaving job I've ever done!  On Loomy Tunes, I called it "Instant Gratification," but I had no idea.  Each mug rug was a new color combination, and a new way of treadling the design.  Each one, from start to finish, took maybe 20 minutes, including hemstitching.  And my favorite part of this project is that every single element was free!  I found the warp in a desk drawer at work, the wefts were all leftovers on bobbins I'd been collecting, and it was even woven in my "free" time!
  I have to wonder if anyone else has trouble figuring out where the treadling and threading begin and end in Davison's book?  I always have to draw a draft of the pattern, and even then, I'm frequently confused.  If you look closely at the design, you might notice that my dogwood petals don't face the correct way.  I mistook where the pattern began and used the wrong petal in the top.  I still like the design, but it's really not the way dogwood petals arrange themselves on the flower!  For those of you in the mug rug challenge, I'm revealing the mug rugs, but not the mug, so you won't be able to tell which mug rug will be in the exchange! 
  Now, it's on to the embroidery floss scarf challenge.  The pattern is drafted, the thread count is set and I'm ready to wind.  It's supposed to be cool and sunny today, so the yard might get some attention, but most of the day, I plan to be in the studio.  I'll also be baking bread and making my first-ever pot of black eyed peas.  Got my rice, got my greens, gonna have good luck and prosperity all year!  I wish the same for you!


Theresa said...

They are quite lovly, consider them hybrid dogwoods!
I love fast projects too.

Tina J said...

Super design! I just love Overshot! I too have to experiment a bunch with the designs in the Davison book. She assumes that we know where the beginning is, I think. Sounds like you are having fun though.

LA said...

Now you know why I love weaving mug rugs! You get the chance to play with overshot patterns PLUS you use up lots of leftover thread from old projects AND you end up with a lovely, useful item!!! Those turned out very nice!